Watch the first episode of Dinofroz below !

There was a time when men, dinosaurs and dragons lived together peacefully. One day, however, the Dragons decided to take possession of the whole Earth and they began fighting men and dinosaurs, trying to make them give in to their power.

No one seemed to be able to defeat them.

There was an ancient prophecy and everybody was waiting for it to come true. The Prophecy said that one day, the Dragons would be overthrown by four dinosaurs coming from a distant time. Not your common type of dinosaurs, the Dinofroz, equipped with special powers.

The Dragons would finally disappear.

From that moment on, there would only be men on Earth. Four friends discovered a magical map that represents a mysterious and unknown world.

Suddenly, they are enveloped by a blinding light and transported through time and space into a mysterious and prehistoric planet Earth. This map happens to be a dimensional portal! Soon, they will discover that not only the map has mysterious powers… they also have! Thanks to the Rockfroz, a mysterious artifact that accompanies them during their adventures, our heroes can become battle dinosaurs, the powerful Dinofroz! These legendary dinosaurs, coming from a distant world, are the only ones able to exploit the power of the mysterious Rockfroz during a fight. Together, the four friends must save the fate of the past and future world from the threat of the evil Dragons and the ambitions of Neceron, their supreme lord… The war for the Rockfroz has started! Tom, charismatic and brave, turns into the almighty T-REX. John, rebellious and mysterious, tranforms into the ferocious Smilodon. Eric, technology and speed enthusiast, becomes the agile Pterodix. Bob, exuberant and always ready to help, turns into the powerful Tricerop.


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